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Long Exposure

Track Degree


The FAST TRACK PROGRAM is flexible, accelerated, affordable, and offered at all levels of learning! A candidate pursuing our Fast Track program is typically required to have a minimum of 15 years of serving as a full-time pastor or ministry leader.  The candidate will also need to provide proof of an ecclesiastical endorsement from his/her religious and/or faith group. KUI must ensure individuals qualify spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and morally in order to advance into the Fast Track program. The endorsement will need to specifically include that the individual is a recognized member of the clergy in good standing in his/her religious Christ-centered denomination. 

Master and Doctorate candidates must complete two workbooks with exams and submit a 50-page thesis (MA) and 100-page dissertation (ThD) on a topic of their choosing. Associate & Bachelor learners must complete three workbooks with exams and a sermon or teaching. Candidates and learners may use Sunday school or sermon notes that can be submitted via audio/video format. After the requirements are completed, individuals will be invited to a conference or zoom call where they will be interviewed based on the content of their body of work.

The Academic Quality Review team will make a final recommendation for graduation approval.  

To begin the process, complete the FAST TRACK APPLICATION and include all ministry experience information.

Once received at the KUI office, an evaluation will be done, and you will be contacted.

Please note: We are not recognized by the USDE!

We are a Christian school of ministry and have been approved by the FDOE to award degrees under a religious exemption.

We have also secured Religious Accreditation with the WWAC and secular accreditation with the BBB A+ rating.

Due to low the cost of tuition offered, UBR is able to provide students with affordable and flexible monthly payment plans.
In an effort to provide students an incentive to complete their studies,
UBR reserves the right to drop a student who falls beyond 30 days of paying their tuition.
The cost of materials is included in the cost listed below.
Each degree track is 3 months.

Associate Degree


Monthly Payment
Plans are available.

Bachelor Degree


Monthly Payment
Plans are available.

Master Degree


Monthly Payment
Plans are available.

Doctorate Degree


Monthly Payment
Plans are available.

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